Slope ratings: follow the colours

Ski slopes are classified according to the incline of the terrain. Signage at the beginning and along the run indicates its difficulty, name and number. There are four types of slopes and they are colour-coded.

GREEN: these are runs with a gradient of less than 5% and are normally nursery slopes. They are of low difficulty so are suitable for beginners.

BLUE: this colour indicates runs with a gradient of between 6% and 25% and a low level of difficulty. More confident beginners can tackle them but they must remember they are a lot longer than green slopes.

RED: is used for slopes with challenging sections with a gradient of between 26% and 40%. These runs are of medium difficulty so are suitable for relatively experienced skiers.

BLACK: this is the colour of slopes with highly challenging sections where the gradient is over 40%. The level of difficulty is high and the terrain is suitable for advanced skiers only. Runs with an incline over 55% are normally indicated with a sign which says “slope for expert skiers”.

It is important to remember that the percentage of the incline on signage along the slopes indicates the average value over the whole run. This means there could be gradients of 40% on blue slopes, for example. They do, however, tend to be very short stretches which we call walls.

It is also important to distinguish between the percentage and degree of the incline. Many people think a gradient of 100% is the same as an angle of 90°. This is not the case, as a 100% slope is a 45° angle.

Another important aspect to bear in mind is the type of snow, as this can have a huge influence on the difficulty of a run. The same slope can be considered very easy when the snow is soft, or more difficult if there are sheets of ice for instance.

The Ski Civetta district, with over 80 km of runs, has slopes for skiers of all levels. Beginners, intermediate and expert skiers can have the time of their lives, with many nursery slopes to the more technical and challenging runs to choose from. Fun and safety are guaranteed for all!

Signage is important and will help you choose the slope that is right for you. But be careful not to overestimate your technical skills.