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Try your first freestyle tricks in total safety

The Alleghe Baby Central Park snow park is a cool, welcoming space, the perfect place to have fun that is suitable for the little ones, older kids and beginners who want to try out their first tricks in a safe, equipped area.

Baby Central Park is easy to reach as it is at Piani di Pezzè near the cable car station to Col dei Baldi. The park is served by the Mariaz ski tow and has a jibbing line with super low wide boxes, as well as more complex structures like a pyramid box and a line of jumps from 1 to 3 metres.



A permanent course that is suitable for the whole family

Speed, curves, jumps and falls, this is the essence of boardercross; a challenge for the whole family as you race down a fast, narrow course with just one aim: to be the first across the finish line!  You line up at the start, give yourself a good push off and hit the slope in the best aerodynamic position you can manage.

All this to gain precious centimetres and beat the others to the finish! Whether you are a skier or an expert rider, Alleghe Boardercross is great fun and with the speed, bumps, jumps and close bends, it’ll feel a bit like a rollercoaster ride!