Magical, wild, unforgettable. Just jump in!

The crystal clear water that flows down the slopes of the Dolomites as the snow and ice melts, fills numerous streams, rivers, waterfalls and lakes.  The sound of running water is a constant companion for walkers on almost all routes, transforming an excursion into a relaxing and immersive experience. Imagine the sound of a waterfall that accompanies your every step which, in turn, echoes the beating of your heart: mind and body merge with nature in an atmosphere of pure undisturbed peace and quiet.

A land of lakes


Lake Alleghe, created by the Monte Piz landslide in 1771, is one of the lakes in the Dolomites with the most fish, making it a popular destination for the many sportfishing enthusiasts who return year after year.

A walk along the lakeside affords stunning views of Alleghe and the surrounding mountains, with scenery that changes every step you take. The views are reflected in the calm green waters of the lake, disturbed only by passing swans who have made it their home or the occasional fisherman venturing out at sunset.
Duration: 1 hour

A land of lakes


Coldai Lake, a glittering glacial lake with cold clear water, should be on everyone’s list of things to see on a holiday in Alleghe.
From Alleghe, the ski lifts take you to Col dei Baldi (1920 m) in just under half an hour, crossroads of some of the most famous hikes in the Dolomites. If you follow the gentle mule track downhill, you will get to Malga Pioda. Here take the wide and partly paved path no. 556 with wide bends which climbs continuously upwards. As the hike continues, you will be able to admire the beautiful scenery: Mount Pelmo, which you got a glimpse of earlier, now stands majestically before you with its unmistakable profile. After about an hour, you will get to the A. Sonino Refuge (2132 m) and Lake Coldai lying at an altitude of 2172 m. As well as reflecting the awe-inspiring face and towers of Civetta, it affords a marvellous wide-reaching view over some of the most beautiful peaks in the Dolomites. Take a walk around the lake up to the ridge where, about 1000 m below, is the stunning panorama of Alleghe, lying alongside its lake.
Duration: 3 h including the return from Col dei Baldi

A land of lakes


A gentle walk from Masarè brings you to the Ru de Rialt waterfall in just a couple of minutes where, amid the roar of the water and the spray, you will find yourself transported to a magical, peaceful place.
Duration: 30 minutes
Cross the bridge over the stream and turn right. Walk through the beech woods and after one hour you will reach Casera Ciesamata.