Civetta Adventure Park


Imagine woods at high altitude, crisp clean air, the flowers and small animals that have made the mountains their home…
Now imagine seeing all that from another angle, from the treetops, and being able to fly from one tree to another… Well you can!
In the woods of Piani di Pezzè experience the thrill of walking with nothing below you. The Civetta Adventure Park is an aerial obstacle course with four different courses, each with different degrees of difficulty. The trees are connected by wooden walkways, trunks, suspension bridges and ropes. The park guarantees maximum safety: after donning your harness and helmet, you attend a short briefing session, then move from tree to tree under the constant supervision of the instructors on the ground.
You can reach the park by cable car from Alleghe and in the summer it is open every day from 10.00 am to 6.30 pm