Heated chalet
with toys and games
Nursery slope
with a 50 m-long conveyor belt
Snow tubing slope
with slides, swings and attractions
changing room, toilets and changing mats

Children and snow: there’s no time to be bored!

Everything has been designed to reassure children and provide them with a calm, comfortable setting where they can satisfy their curiosity for their surroundings, without being frightened by the sheer majesty and vastness of the Alpine world. Ally Farm is a new playground at Piani di Pezzè in Alleghe and is situated next to the Grande Baita Civetta Refuge. It is kid-friendly and suitable for the whole family.

The Farm covers an area of 2,500 m² and is located on the slopes. The chalet is the focal point of the park; with its heated areas and large windows affording extraordinary views, it is the perfect place for children to freely express their creativity…  and keep warm and cosy on particularly cold days or in bad weather! What better way is there to introduce children to the mountain environment?

Ally Farm offers a whole host of opportunities for kids, from games in the snow to fun group activities organised by the specialist staff. With its large windows affording extraordinary views, the chalet is the perfect place for children to freely express their creativity. Ally Farm, which is run by the Coldai ski school, also organises skiing and snowboarding lessons in the equipped area and has modern educational equipment.

Ally Farm is also open in the summer!


Contacts and more information
+39 349 225 9393

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